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ParcelSend Pro is a convenient shopping service that you may not find elsewhere. Here at ParcelSend Pro, we are able to offer the lowest cost in the industry, as low as 3.99USD per lbs where most companies charge you 5 USD per lbs or even more. Learn more and register here.

You may update your personal information whenever you want. You can edit your name, Address, Email Id, Shipping address and all other available user information. Click Here to change your profile.

  • Sign up to become a ParcelSend Pro member and get a ParcelSend Pro address instantly.
  • Buy from thousands of USA retailers
  • Check Out and use your own USA address received from ParcelSend Pro upon registration.
  • Ship. Log into your account and request shipping. Your packages arrive in your country and the package goes through customs process where you pay import tax and other fees, if there is any.
  • Receive your package.

LiveChat is open weekdays between 9am & 5pm AEDT
Phone lines are also available for support during these times and if you need help outside those hours, email us at we will get back with your query promptly!

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You may place a shipping whenever you are ready to ship. To place a shipping request, follow the instructions below.

Storage duration is determined by the date of the oldest package being consolidated. For example, if you consolidate package A with 3 days of storage left, package B with 7 days left, and package C with 5 days left, the newly created package will have 3 days of storage remaining, as package A is the oldest in the group.

We have a limited number of countries that PG is unable to ship because FedEx or UPS does not service these countries. Please click here.

The following list is a non-exclusive sampling of items that are either restricted, cannot be shipped or may require an import license, additional documentation and/or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment. Please click here.

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ParcelSend Pro Customer Review

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Alessandro A.

Customer from IT
"ParcelSend Pro provides excellent package forwarding services at reasonable prices. Their customer support team is also very helpful."
Jan 09, 2023

Mohamed A.

Customer from SA
"I've been using ParcelSend Pro for several months now and I've never had any issues with my packages being forwarded on time. Highly recommend."
Dec 21, 2022

Haidar M.

Customer from QA
"ParcelSend Pro's consolidation service is amazing. It saved me a lot of money on shipping costs and my packages arrived in perfect condition."
Feb 23, 2022

Saami H.

Customer from SA
"I'm impressed with the speed and efficiency of ParcelSend Pro's shipping services. My packages always arrive on time, even when I select the economy shipping option."
Sep 29, 2022

Charles D.

Customer from FR
"ParcelSend Pro is an outstanding package forwarding company that provides a seamless experience for customers. I'm very happy with their service."
Jan 26, 2023

Bikash J.

Customer from IND
"I had a question about my account and reached out to ParcelSend Pro's customer service team. They responded quickly and were able to resolve my issue."
Nov 05, 2022

Jürgen S.

Customer from GER
"ParcelSend Pro is the most economical, but I had a negative experience with ParcelSend Pro's customer service team. They were unresponsive and didn't provide clear answers to my questions."
Sep 23, 2022

William L.

Customer from AUS
"I've used several package forwarding companies in the past, but ParcelSend Pro is by far the best. Their website is easy to use and their shipping rates are very competitive. "
Jan 20, 2023

Tommaso D.

Customer from IT
"I highly recommend ParcelSend Pro to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable package forwarding service. They make online shopping from the US hassle-free."
Feb 02, 2023

Éliott A.

Customer from FR
"My packages were delayed and it took a long time for them to arrive. The tracking information provided by ParcelSend Pro was also inaccurate."
Mar 16, 2022