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Register today and gain prompt access to thousands of US-based merchants in just a few simple steps! Upon signing up, you will be provided with your own exclusive US mailing address, enabling you to receive packages directly to your personal address. Begin sending your parcels to your newly acquired USA address.

Step Three: Consolidation

Acquire virtually any product you could possibly need from a plethora of diverse US-based retailers, and have them shipped to the designated address you receive upon registering with us. Upon receipt of your packages, we will combine them into a single package or a few packages to enable you to enjoy exceptional savings of up to 80% on standard international postal shipping.

Step Four: Shipping

Upon receipt of your shipping request, we will expedite the delivery of your packages to ensure they arrive in a matter of days. We are equipped to forward your packages to any country serviced by FedEx postal service. Our commitment to providing the most competitive shipping rates in the industry is a source of pride for us. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of our exceptional service.

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